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39. Croft Test/Track day

39. Croft Test/Track day

Couple things to sort, wash the mud off from the splitter moment at Snetterton and extend the mirror brackets as it’s pretty useless being high up.

Nice and shiny again which makes me happy.

Not sure why we haven’t sorted it earlier but the mirror was useless at snetterton, too high so you can’t just glance to see what is going on. So made some nasty looking brackets to extend the original ones. Worked a treat so hopefully the mirror is actually useful now.

James had also bought us a present for the trailer. To get the car off without scraping the bumper and splitter both had to come off which gets a little boring so he got the tilt ram for the trailer, makes life so much easier, now no need to remove anything from the car to get it on and off.

After a very cold start to the day, IAT was saying 1 degree, we had a great day. No issues and smashed our previous best lap time and we were within a 1/10th of each other which was great.

Testing went great so now it was ‘just’ a matter of wrapping the car before our first race at Silverstone. Hopefully a more interesting post about the wrapping. Turned out pretty great.

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