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Engine Building

Power and reliability

Power and reliability

At FrogJam Motorsport we have the tools and knowledge to build powerful and reliable engines.

We do not simply assemble parts; all of the critical tolerances and torques are meticulously checked and measured in every one of our builds.

When it comes to engines there is no one size fits all - so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact Us

Full engine builds

Chat to us about the goals for your engine build and see if we can assist.

Machine Work

We partner with an expert machine shop. We can assist with pretty much any aspect of a build such as; rotating assembly dynamic balancing, torque plate honing, re-boring, porting, valve jobs and head skimming.

Parts supply

Many of the parts we use in our engine builds are available in our store. Let us know if you need any help with parts selection.

Renault F4R