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40. Wrapping before our first Race at Silverstone

40. Wrapping before our first Race at Silverstone

Wrapping prior to Silverstone!

As already mentioned Neil had done the design for the livery and provided images to follow but also the artwork in vector format to be able to cut the artwork out. It was a great decision to have the artwork done by Neil, constantly referred to it whilst working on the car. Got a massive print out done for the garage wall to follow during the process. I have very little creativity/artiness so without something to follow I wasn't going to do well.

I looked into getting the logo cut out in vinyl but seemed really quite expensive and didn't want to commit to a size so went for it and bought a vinyl cutter.

Made a start on the boot, thought it was the easiest bit but turned out apart from the bumper probably the trickiest.

I did cheat slightly on the boot, if you look closely I cut the middle bottom of the wrap, had a bunch of material left in the middle. Needed to start in the middle and work out really or stretch it better to start with. 

Think the best/only way is to give it ago, be patient and have a bit of practice. I found it strangely therapeutic once I got the hang on it. Would happily do it again actually which I didn't think I would be saying.

Marked out the side stripe with the cutting tape/wire. Idea with this was to lay stripes down and over lap the edges ever so slightly. From a foot away yes you can tell how its done but from any further away you really can't tell.

With the sky blue laid down I then added the white stripe top and middle and the black bit at the bottom. Great idea of Neil's to put the black at the bottom really does hide a lot of the dirt from the track. Same process as before, two lines of wrap cut, lay the wrap over the wire cutting tape and then pull the wire to cut the lines. Its so satisfying to do!

Then was time to give the bumper a go. The bumper was my second attempt, lost patience at the end of the day with the first attempt and decided to pull it off and start again the next day. Like I said before patience is key! I cheated again here and split the bottom black part of the bumper in two so there is a split down the middle of the bumper but like before, from 1 foot you can see it, any more it looks fine.

Next it was time to cut the FrogJam Motorsport logo out. Measured what size I needed, typed the measurements into the computer and pressed cut, really was that simple.

Once cut you have to then weed the unwanted vinyl and apply the transfer tape.

Once masking typed in place it was possible to apply one letter at a time and it came out perfectly.

We weren't too sure what would look best on the bonnet but Neil gave us a few options to try so laid some the of the designs out and went with this in the end. Same process as before with with more practice and a nice flat surface to do it didn't take long at all.

So then the final result!

James conveniently was just getting over having covid whilst I was wrapping so even though it was a solo effort I was buzzing how it turned out (so was he from the many many photos I had been sending, think he was pretty gutted not to be able to join in).

So now there was only a week to go before Silverstone, our first ever race and praying that James got a negative test back before hand!

Next post about the race and some late night spannering the night before the race!

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