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38. Snetteron Test/Track day

38. Snetteron Test/Track day

Time to get the car ready for track.

Camber was changed back to normal from the zero degrees for mapping along with a string alignment check and corner weights sorted.
Front, 2.8 degrees, 7 degrees castor, 0.5mm toe out, 90N/mm. Rear, 3 degrees, 0.5mm toe in, 80N/mm.
And for the first time both front and rear aero went on the car. 

After a lot of work over the winter the car was ready for its first test.

A quick stop at Grantham services to sell the old protrack wheels. New tyre rack I made worked a treat for carrying two sets of wheels and tyres.

Bit of a trek to Snetterton from Newcastle but made it to the paddock and got the car unloaded and in the gazebo for the night.

Felt like we wouldn‘t make it on multiple occasions over the last month but finally made it.

First up for the day was to get the championship series dyno test completed. The power is used to calculated your power to weight which determines what class you are in.

Made 160.7whp so will put us right at the top of class C (150whp/t including driver).

The day went really well. Had a problem with the battery, first few hours of the day the voltage was low but seemingly after a few hours of running it sorted itself out. Assuming the battery was really discharged and needed a proper charge.

Obviously had to have our first splitter moment (1-0 to Fred), ran wide after mis judging passing another car and hit a rather large pot hole just off track. Completely coverage the car in mud so needed a good clean.

All in all a great first test for the car. Next was Croft in 7 days time.

James’ fastest lap of the day.

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