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36. Winter Upgrades - First Start Up

36. Winter Upgrades - First Start Up

Winter Upgrades – First Start Up

Another upgrade was to fit a Sachs Performance paddle clutch. 
Is it a little over the top? Possibly. But after spending a fair bit of money rebuilding the engine and gearbox now it would be a shame to ruin both with a failed clutch. So now was the time to stick one in.


And finally was time to get the engine back in the car.

Had bought a noco starting booster which was great for getting the car started for the first time. It did turn out the battery was pretty knackered. Still haven’t worked out why my trickle charger hadn’t kept it topped over over the winter.

Had turned the car over a good few times to build oil pressure, fill the oil cooler and made sure the oil level was correct. And then it was time! Think my face gives it away slightly how I was feeling.

Was running rather rich to start with so took some fuel out after the first start and was much happier idling.
We don’t know if we were just making it up but it did sound so much smoother than previous, assuming a brand new valve train does actually help. 
So was cutting it rather close but it was finally back together for mapping.
Before mapping I set the front camber to 0 degrees and got a part worn set of hard road tyres on the front as recommended by Chris at EFI. 

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