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35. Winter Upgrades - Brakes and Engine

35. Winter Upgrades - Brakes and Engine

Winter Upgrades – Brakes and Engine

We very much splashed out and bought a AP Racing Pro 5000R brake kit.

The protrack wheels needed to run at least a 20mm spacer for them to fit, therefore decided to change to braid wheels which give much better calliper clearance. Managed to sell the Protrack wheels for the same price as a new set of braid wheels so made sense for us to change. Was unsure about the White Braid Fullrace Maxlight wheels to begin with, but since them arriving they have really grown on us. And with the planned livery think the white wheels are going to look great.

Engine Rebuild

As previously mentioned the engine had over 110k miles on it and was using over a litre of oil per trackday so decided to rebuild and replace with as many new parts as possible (rings, bearings, followers, valves, oil pump, belts, dephaser, gaskets, seals etc).

Engine stripped and all looked in pretty good condition really so still unsure if the oil was leaking through the rings or valve stem seal?


Sent pretty much all engine parts to Max at M.S. Custom Engineering to do his thing. cleaned, painted, ported, gas flowed, inlets matched etc etc. Parts came back looking great.

James then took over and started rebuilding the engine once all the new parts had arrived. Watching a clean engine go back together was very satisfying!

All new tappets and followers.


I was working at home whilst James rebuild the engine over a few days, was great to pop into the garage to see progress. Didn't take too long really to get it back together. 

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