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11. More Lines

Been too long since doing a post but been busy with the car at least. Had the engine running last weekend so need to update the last months work so I can do the start up post, only had a few problems.

Next job was to get the engine in but decided to add some DEI reflective heat shield to the tunnel before I did so. Nice easy job which made a change.

Hopefully this will be the final time putting the engine in before the car is running, got the knack of getting the engine in and out now, just need to get engine tilted in the right way and it’s a doddle, having the right kit does also help a lot.

Coolant hoses worked a treat. Used a standard 182 set from MTC and to bypass the heater matrix used a u bend piece. Even with the different radiator and orientation the hoses worked pretty much perfectly. My plan is to have an aluminium coolant tank and catch can but the standard one will do for the time being.

I have already done the fuel hard lines so needed to sort the tank and rail flexi lines. I decided to get Atec to crimp the OEM fittings to their dash 6 400 series hose. So sent Atec the hoses cut to length and the OEM fittings, they came back perfect so glad I did it.

Since I had the flexi lines back meant I could fit the fuel tank, so added some more reflective heat shield material for where the exhaust gets close and got the tank in. Fuel hose worked perfectly with the right angled fitting from the tank, hose coils round and then used a 30 degree fitting to the bulkhead fitting of the hardline.

Same as the fuel lines, the brake hard lines had been done but needed to do the flexi lines. The Atec fittings and 600 series hose are really nice and relatively straight forward to do. Just make sure to buy the mandrel tool, made splaying the braided part of the hose away from the inner tube nice and easy. Used stainless steel adaptors to convert the an-3 hose fitting to M10x1.0 calliper.

Was then getting very close to getting some electrics in the car. Also gave the garage a good tidy as it was starting to get messy. And whilst cleaning decided to give the floor a paint as a fair bit of it had either worn through or flaked off. Now looking like it should. 


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