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12. First Start!!

Last thing left to do before turning it on was fluids, exhaust, air intake manifold and electrics.

Started work on the battery wiring. Gone with an Odyssey PC680 located behind the passenger seat and used a bulkhead post thing instead of just using a grommet, should do the job. Attached the main fuse to the side of the battery bracket.

Then it was time to get the looms out after putting them away 18 months ago.

Plugged everything in (well so I thought) and was ready to give it ago.

So engine turned over straight away but wasn’t firing. Decided to check if fuel pump was working and it had no power. So plugged my OBD reader in and it wasn't detecting any rpm, checked the crank sensor and we didn’t have one so then had to route around a number of boxes to find the old one. Luckily we still had it. So plugged that in and now getting power to the fuel pump.

Cranked the engine over for a good 30 seconds and still nothing. So disconnected the fuel line to the rail to see if there was fuel, there wasn’t. So with the fuel line into a bucket cranked the engine over for max 5 seconds and fuel started to come out. So fuel line back on and cranked the engine over again and it came to life.

Once running it was idling quite high and when you touched the throttle it wouldn’t reduce it’s speed, but looked at the intake manifold and it has 3 tube ports which weren‘t connected to anything so a bit of tape around these to block them off and the idle was back to normal.

Next step was cutting out lots of wires and will explain the plan for that.

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