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5. Seam sealing

The carbon foot rests arrived sooner than I thought from Carbontec, shipped from Poland but only took 3 or 4 days.

Pretty simple to fit. Used rivnuts with a few of the fixings points requiring a spacer to keep the foot rest level. Used washers to make up the height of the spacers before cutting some 20mm bar to the correct length and drilling a clearance hole. May get some different bolts with a lower profile head but can worry about that later. More importantly got the fixing in prior to paint.

The following day with the rivnuts in I could finally paint the last bit of bare metal. So another mixing pot later and the first coat of Jotun 87A was done. So in total it took 3.5 mixing pots, so just over 2 litres, but it was a generous coat. Quite enjoyed painting in the evening, nice and peaceful, also had youtube on in the back ground, couple of driftworks videos passed the time nicely.

Left it to harden for 20-22 hours (that was yesterday) and so tonight I could do the seam sealer. Because the Jotamastic 87A is pretty thick only a few locations really needed the seam sealer, however, if you’re having to do some areas you may as well go to town and do a proper job. Decided to go with Puraflex 40, quite a few people doing restoration projects recommended it and it’s easy to get from Toolstation. Used just over 2 tubes for anyone wanting to know how much to get, this included packing a fair amount into the rear arches.

Another evening of painting planned for tomorrow. Second coat of the 87A to cover the Puraflex 40. Don’t think it’s going to take as much paint as first time round, only really need to cover the seam sealer in preparation for the top coat. Also need to finish off painting the rear beam and front subframe so may get those done too if it’s not raining.
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