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4. Plumbing

Just a short update. Thought I would try to do regular short updates rather than leaving them for too long.

Wanted to get the rivnuts in place before painting the underside, so up next was the internal fuel lines.

Using Atec pipe and fittings for the brake and fuel system. Used some welding rods to mock up the routing for the pipes. Running flow and return pipes incase we go to ITBs with a fuel rail which requires a return line in order to help with maintaining a constant fuel pressure.

Once mocked up I used the welding rods as a template to bend the fuel line. The hard part was getting the first line done, once I made the first fit I could use both the second mock up line and the first actual fuel line to follow. Once bent, the fuel lines can still be manipulated into place so the bends do not have to be absolutely perfect, was worried there would be no margin for error but there is a bit.

Dual pipe clamps work nicely to hold the lines in place and also keep a uniform gap to satisfy a bit of OCD. Rivnuts sorted the fixing points out for the clamps.

The fittings at the rear are bulkhead 90 degree, 10mm tube to male dash 6 JIC. These will then allow a flexi line to be connected between the fitting and the fuel tank. Bolted the fuel tank in place to check clearance between the tank and the fittings and unfortunately this is the only place to fit them, seemed to be very little room elsewhere. Was hoping to run them down the passenger side instead.

The fittings at the front are bulkhead 90 degree, 10mm tube to tube. The line will continue in the scuttle area before the hardline finishes at another JIC connector (yet to be added). The 3rd hole next to the two fuel lines is for the fire extinguisher system which will be using the same pipe and fittings but 8mm rather than 10mm.

Now waiting for the foot rest trays to arrive so those can be fitted and then will be able to finish painting.
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