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9. Radiator/Control Panel/Alternator Tensioner

Been doing lots of smaller jobs since the last post so there is a fair bit to cover.

First up was getting the second hand gearbox we bought attached to the engine along with a new clutch. Then get the engine and gearbox in the car to workout a few bits. Decided to splash out and bought the PMS competition engine mounts. Mainly to get rid of the big OEM upper gearbox mount.
With the engine in it was time to mock up the radiator position and mounts. We wanted to future proof the initial work as much as possible so with the thinking of going to ITBs at some point a new radiator was needed. Went for a SE320 radiator from Advanced Radiators (based close by), going to get a couple of Mishimoto fans too.Made a start at making a switch panel. Want the frame to just be bolted in place so that it can be changed at a later date if it’s not in the correct place. Want to mount the ECU Master CAN keyboard, fire extinguisher control unit and battery isolator buttons all together. Made it out of steel tube I already had, ideally would have gone for some smaller diameter tube but can always make a new one once the car is going. So played around with the position and just went for it. Don’t judge the welding, was my first go at TIG.Will finish it off once the ECU Masters stuff is here.

Since the gearstick had been moved back 60mm the gear linkage needed to be extended and with the engine and gearbox in for the first time I was keen to get it connect and see how it felt. The PMS linkage is nice and easy to adjust and soon got reverse to 4th feeling really good but something isn’t right with 5th. Thought this was the linkage but feeling just the selector on the gearbox On its own it feels ‘sticky’ pushing in up (moving gear stick to the right for 5th). So will have to wait and see if this eases up or not. Will try and add a video in.

We bought a 172 cup alternator setup but instead of the aluminium alternator tensioner bracket I made a rod with opposing handed rod ends.Next was making a set of sill stands. Again, made them from box section I already hand. Not sure if they will be more useful than axle stands but at least we have the option.

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