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31. The start of FrogJam Motorsport

31. The start of FrogJam Motorsport

FrogJam Motorsport update.

Our aim for the last few years has been to race in either the Trackday Championship or Trackday Trophy and this year we have finally registered to do the Trackday Championship for 2022.

Our reasoning for picking Championship over Trophy was mainly based on all having to run the same tyre so make it a little more even and also we feel that there are more like minded people in the championship rather than the trophy. This is only based on the fact that there seems to be more effort goes into the cars in the championship and people care more for the cars and hopefully higher driving standards (I am sure there are exceptions to this however, but that was our thinking behind it).

To register for the series we needed a team name so that's why we have changed our name on here to FrogJam Motorsport. A mix of our nicknames but also quite memorable we feel.

We spoke with Neil regarding doing some work on the team logo/type and car livery. He completely understood what we were after, so kept the livery simple enough for us to wrap ourselves but made it still stand out and look like a proper livery and not just a standard car with some stickers on it. These are the results, really pleased with how it looks. Just hope we can do Neil's work justice by wrapping it ourselves.

Our schedule for the next couple of months is pretty tight, especially with the engine still not built up but that should be back in the car this weekend (26th-27th. February 2022). Mapping at EFI is in 2 weeks time, trackday and series power test at Snetterton 14th March, Croft trackday 21st March, final car prep including wrapping the car in time for out first race at Silverstone 23rd April.

I previously mentioned some loose plans for the winter but this is what we have actually done/are doing:

  • Engine rebuild - Complete refresh, lots of new parts, head ported and skimmed, block honed and decked, forged rods and pistons (mainly for future proofing), lightweight flywheel and Sachs Performance clutch.
  • Front splitter
  • Fibreglass boot and rear spoiler
  • EPAS
  • Steering wheel button panel
  • TPMS
  • AP Racing Pro 5000R brake kit
  • Braid Fullrace Maxlight wheels

Will share updates on the above in the coming weeks.
Would be great to hear what sort of details would be most interesting to people. A few posts about the splitter and spoiler went mad on Instagram.

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