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30. Another (Last minute) Croft Trip

30. Another (Last minute) Croft Trip

Just a short one to get up to date before we start taking the car apart over the winter.

Got a last minute (few days before) cancellation spot at Croft so needed to fix the wheel bearing rather sharpish.

Hub had seen better days. Not sure what had caused this. Both bearing and hub were brand at the start of the year. Crap bearing? Crap hub? Bad installation (by me)?

Anyway, luckily had the old hub to put in for the day at Croft along with a new bearing And had no issues on the day with it.

Day at Croft was brilliant. A very wet start to the day but dried up towards the end of the day. Met Jon for the first time after speaking for a while on and instagram, top guy and always nice to put a face to the name. Also was great fun following each other so certainly going to try and meet up again in future.

First time using the Ricky Evans Motorsport heated screen, worked perfectly. No issues at all with the screen. Need to tweak the ecu idle settings though as the car would stall if left to idle with the screen turned on as it was drawing 36 amps. So just turned it on once leaving the pits and cleared the screen within half a lap. Not sure what is best, just leave the heated screen on all the time or put it on a timer?

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