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18. Lots of smaller jobs

Now for lots of smaller jobs I got done over Christmas.

We had some debate and research on what the best form of ventilation was, we settled with a roof scoop to begin with and see how we get on.

Went with the CM Composites one as it had a low profile design inside and out. Used the q max cutters to cut a number of holes to let the air through and bolt it all together. Had to move the drain plug to clear the roll cage too. Time will tell if it does the job or not.

Next on the list was the doors and body work. Plan was to keep the doors stock for the time being until we decide what to do but add a set of trackcar door cards, these were actually bought over 2 years ago before the gearbox went bang and things escalated so was nice to open them at last. Aero catches for the bonnet and Pitking quick release pins for the bumper.


The pitking pins worked great. Seen a fair few people use them on here so nothing new. The original bumper attachment/catch mechanism was really stiff to remove so I smoothed the catches out to allow the side to come up easier but still provide some positive location.

So on to Christmas Day and James had bought me a pair of race gloves so had to try them on whilst sitting in the car, thought it would be rude not to! Got me rather excited for getting the car sorted, starting to feel like it’s really not far away either.

Rain light fitted to the boot. Didn’t want to drill a hole in a prominent place so did it behind the numberplate so boot is still suitable for someone’s road car. Assuming we will go for a fibreglass boot at some point but certainly a decision for a later date. Rain light fitted nicely underneath the boot release but still enough room to open it.

Small detail but added a dual USB charger port inside for cameras, phone, radio system etc. Can always add another one if two isn’t enough. On the last couple of track days in James’ car it was a pain keeping the cameras charged So will be great to be able to keep the plugged in.

External battery isolator and fire extinguisher buttons connected up. Need to add the stickers at some point.

I was in the mood for a bit of easy fabrication so decided to make a string alignment jig which would easily attach to the car. So a few measurements for the rear bumper and knocked an Idea up.

Since the wiring seemed like it was all working ok it was time to give the wiring a tidy up inside. Used braided sleeve for a lot of the wiring on the bulkhead so it would be nice and easy to add or modify any of the wiring at a later date.


The wiring on the bulkhead isn’t as tidy as I would have liked it to be but functional is better than it just looking tidy I suppose. Hopefully it won’t be noticed once driving. Seems to be hidden a bit more from the drivers eye.

Added the cage padding and checked on head room with my helmet on. Very close but just about manageable. Can gain 5mm with different seat bars, MSA/FIA says 35mm seat rails are ok but I ended up using 40mm so that could gain some room. Can move the seat down one notch on the side mounts too. The plan is for me to remove the seat cushion to drive and James can add the cushion in which will give us the different driving positions we need. May look at a resin seat bag instead of just the cushion difference if needed.

Air intake was next. Thought of the different options for this but kept coming back to the same design as what Scott has done on his car (tomtek / pro-am racing) so I am afraid this is just a copy of what they have done. Revotec intake duct, ASH hoses and a carbon filter air box. Gives the best combination of ram air feed and cold air feed. Added stainless hose clamps and seems solid even without a mount for the carbon air box.

I gave the inside a good clean when tidying the wiring up, so finally decided to buy a car cover, Halfords outdoor car cover for £40. Extra small and fits the Clio perfectly.


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