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17. Base Map Tuning

Sorry been a while since the last post. Lots of smaller stuff been done over the last couple of months however.

Following on from the last post I was at the stage of getting the engine started up with the stand alone ECU Master EMU Black. On the whole setup of the initial map was pretty straight forward. Had most of the settings from data sheets and stole some information from the ME442 basemap available online such as the timing trigger. If any one needs any help or information then give me a shout, I had a lot of head scratching moments so will be happy to try and help.

Spent a fair bit of time on the laptop getting everything working before turning on for the first time. All was going well but the throttle body didn’t seem right. Kept fully opening once the ecu was powered. I got round this by inverting the throttle mapping, however this then meant the idle control couldn’t sort itself out as can be heard in the below video. had to keep blipping the throttle to keep it running as the idle control wasn’t working. I also checked timing with a timing gun before firing up. But was really pleased it ran even though it wouldn’t idle.

That evening I sent RRR Engineering an email at 9 o’clock, was really impressed because Greg got back to me within 10 minutes and said sounds like I had the +/- signal the wrong way round so give that ago. Sure enough he was right. So could put the throttle map back to normal and sure enough it was happily idle.

There is a few things I still want to sort out like how to get the starter button act as the stop button too but I’m sure RRR Engineering will be able to sort that in no time when it goes down there to be mapped. So till then that was the electrics pretty much sorted. Internal wiring needed a tidy up at some point.

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