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Renault Clio RS Brake Cooling Ducts | Renault Clio RS 172 182 197 200

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Anyone who regularly tracks their Renault Clio RS 172, 182, 197 or 200 will know that one of the main issues with the brakes on these cars is that they like to overheat. This can cause brake fade, increased pad wear, and a host of other related issues - ultimately making you slower on the race track.

The solution to this issue is to increase the cooling package to the brakes in order to keep everything at an optimal temperature. There are numerous aftermarket brake duct kits which channel cool air towards the brakes for this purpose, however most (if not all) of these kits require the use of round pipework/ducting that drastically reduces the amount of available steering lock, as well as being flimsy and unsightly.

Enter FrogJam...

Way back in 2021 we took a punt and discovered that the factory fit brake ducts from a Corvette of all things, fit the Renault Clio 172 and 182 extremely well. They can be bolted in using existing chassis bolt holes, sit nicely around the fog light surrounds in the bumper and aim cool air straight at the brakes.

Since 2021 we have even seen these fitted to Renault Clio 197 and 200 models too.

The design of these ducts means that cooling air is channeled from the fog light holes in the bumper, straight at the disc/calliper, and best of all, the narrow profile of them allows nearly full steering lock to be applied without the wheel contacting the brake duct.



Important bit!

Please note that although we think these are a very good fit for the Clio Mk2 RS, they are from a Corvette originally and are not a custom produced item. Therefore they will require some fettling by the user to get them to fit suitably, particularly if you intend to fit these to a Mk3 Clio RS (197 or 200). This includes removing the arch liners, removing the fog lights, removing the carbon canister, sourcing your own fixings, relocating washer fluid bottles on the Clio Mk3 RS, sourcing your own fog light ducts (if you want to), etc etc.

Sold as a pair of brake ducts for motorsport use only.

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