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2. Getting up to speed

Thought I would make a list of the work that we have already done to bring you up to date with the build.

  • Multi point custom built roll cage (Links rear damper mounts, RTB body mounts and front struts).
  • PMS weld in caster adjustable top mounts.
  • FIA spec seat mounts.
  • Custom steering column mount with modified OEM steering column.
  • PMS gear link kit relocated rearwards by 60mm.
  • Sill stand points.
  • Standard jacking points reinforced.
  • Mid point jacking point.
  • Single centre located windscreen wiper.
  • Fuel filler cap rust cut out and welded up.
  • Many many holes filled and welded instead of the OEM tape covering.
  • Cable hand brake hole filled (to be replaced with hydraulic handbrake).
  • MkI dashboard fitted.
  • All arch liner mounting fixtures replaced with rivnuts.
  • PMS spherical bearing front wishbone kit and stiffening kit.
  • PMS RTB spherical bearing kit.
  • PMS RTB stiffening kit.
  • Removed all sound deadening material.
  • Removed all stone chip/paint underneath and removed a few areas of rust.
  • Removed power steering pump and aircon pump from engine and replaced with the cup alternator setup.
I am sure I would have forgotten something but that certainly has most of it covered.

Tried to think of most fixing points needed prior to painting so we don’t have to mess up the paint underneath. Going to mock up the fuel lines, brake lines, fire extinguisher lines and foot rest trays before finishing painting. Then it will be the small task of actually putting it all back together.

MkI dashboard.

Custom steering column mount and adjustable column.

PMS gear linkage relocated 60mm rearwards.

jacking points reinforced and sill stand pins.

Power steering and aircon removed from engine and replaced with cup alternator setup.
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