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33. Winter Upgrades - Fibreglass Boot and Rear Spoiler

33. Winter Upgrades - Fibreglass Boot and Rear Spoiler

Winter Upgrades – Fibreglass boot and rear wing

Went with a CCF Fibreglass boot and a BYC Design Spoiler, already had the plastic4performance rear window from the full kit we purchased a year or two ago.

Really pleased with the fitment of the CCF Fibreglass boot, admittedly its the only one I have ever worked with but shut lines are pretty perfect so cannot see how another boot would be any better. Fibreglass boot weighs 3.2kg, plastic window 2.8kg. Standard boot and glass (no interior trim or wiper motor) 15.6kg. So a decent saving or at least will offset the mass of the spoiler.

Hinge holes can be seen in the mould so just drilled these and assumed they would line up and sure enough they were bang on. Used a die grinder to open up the window for the nut access. Die grinder works perfectly to cut and trim the fibre glass although it does make a right mess.

For the Aero Catches I didn't want them too close to the edge so ended up cutting a few holes. 3rd hole was perfect though. Paint pen on the end of the aero catch bolt marks the internal of the boot perfectly too. Slightly inboard of the original hole for the boot stop is perfect. Means you don't have to cut any of the internal structure of the boot out of the way.

BYC Design Spoiler was nice and simple to fit. Clamped in place and the 6 fixing points marked and drilled. Had an aluminium internal brace for the lower 4 mounting holes to spread the load over the boot so it doesn't deform the boot much at all.

Glued the window in using tiger seal adhesive just like the other polycarbonate windows.

All done apart from mounting the rain light.

Contemplating giving the CCF Fibreglass composite doors ago in the future based on a good experience with the boot, but that will be next years winter upgrades. Wasn't looking forward to doing the boot but was pleasantly surprised how well it went together.

No idea how much of a difference the rear wing will actually make. Will be interesting to try it with and without. But mainly its on there because it looks great. So if we get a benefit from it then great, if its just some ballast then so be it. Will report how it goes in the coming posts.

Bump Stops

Never sorted out the bump stops and the front was rubbing last year through Craners at Donington and the hairpin at Croft. So found some M14 40mm aluminium spacers to space out the bump stops in the AST coilovers. Measured where we wanted the wheel to stop and worked out a rough thickness spacer we needed. Thought we needed 14mm so ordered a range of spacers from 10mm to 20mm. 


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