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27. Second Trip to Donington

Just a short one with an update from our second trip to Donington. Another good day, no problems with the car but lots of traffic. Didn’t beat our times from a couple weeks before but got within a few tenths. 300 more miles on the car without issues which is great.

Even managed to grab a free garage as we got there early after camping near by.


I’ve uploaded a lot of videos to our channel so go and take a look but here are some of the videos from the day.

We then had 4 weeks until Croft (22/9/21), we had picked up a new gearbox with a gripper diff so need to put that in and we also decided to try some sort of oil cooler so next update will include them. Will try and do the update before Croft on Wednesday. Both looking forward to trying the LSD!

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