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21. Finishing Touches before Mapping

Was good seeing the TDC and TDT starting again on Sunday. Hopefully in a years time we’ll be taking part!!

Few bits done over the weekend.

Started making some headlight blanks, the blanks themselves went well but made a horrendous attempt at wrapping them, turns out a squeegee probably is needed so will be having another go at the wrapping. Started with a cheap set of non xenon headlights and cut the back on them out with a die grinder and smoothed the edges off with a flap wheel bit. 2kg saving per light over the xenon ones.

Added another USB charging port. So will be able to keep 2 cameras, camera remote and headset Bluetooth dongle plugged in so won’t have to worry about keeping them charged up.

Had a play around with the ECU Master ADU display pages. Added some more data to the main page along with consolidating the ecu and gps information to one page.

Created a pit limiter page, pit limiter will be turned on from the CAN Keypad, shows the temperatures, count down timer, speed and revs.

Created a number of overlays which shows for a few seconds when the outputs are turned on. For example when the ignition is turned on (fuel pump, ignition coils and injectors), the overlay also includes key data relating to the particular output.

Been looking at wheel and tyre sizes. The series we want to do uses Toyo r888r tyres so will stick with them but not sure what size to go for. Options are either 7j or 8j 15inch wheels, with the corresponding tyre sizes being 205/50r15 or 225/45/r15. What do you use? Is there a benefit of going to an 8inch wheel and go with 225/45 tyres?

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